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Local authority trading standards services aim to protect local consumers and to protect the interests of reputable businesses so that no one supplier has an unfair competitive advantage over another. We work closely with local businesses to ensure that they understand what the law requires of them and that they comply with their legal obligations.

Notwithstanding this, some businesses fall foul of the law from time to time, and will face legal action. The decision to prosecute is not taken lightly but when appropriate we will take action to provide protection to the public and to maintain a 'level playing field' for legitimate businesses.

Trading standards services often take the decision to publicise the results of successful court cases in order to inform and reassure. It is information which both consumers and traders alike may find of interest.

Below you will find examples of recent cases taken to court by Trading Standards Services across Wales. The list takes the form of the press releases issued by individual Services.

When reading the details of those prosecuted it should be remembered that some of the offences may not have come to light immediately, and could have been committed a number of years previously.

This information is made available for a limited period in order to promote the openness, transparency and accountability of the criminal justice system to the people it serves.

The information is made available solely on the understanding that it is for the individual use of the person who has accessed the page. The information on this page must not be stored, recorded, republished or otherwise processed without explicit agreement of Wales Heads of Trading Standards. Please contact our Communications Lead Officer at