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Improving Trading Standards in Wales

Penaethiaid Safonau Masnach Cymru Yn Gwella Safonau Masnach Yng Nghymru

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WHoTS Newsletter

Until 2013, the Wales Heads of Trading Standards regularly produced bilingual Newsletters, highlighting the important work of Trading Standards and its partners.

These newsletters are not currently being produced, having been discontinued after August 2013. There is a possibility they may be reintroduced at a future date. Back copies can be accessed by clicking the link below:

Newsletter listing

WHoTS Business Plans and Strategic Documents

Wales Heads of Trading Standards produces a business plan on a two year cycle. Periodically the organisation produces reports that address emerging issues for consumers, businesses and other stakeholders.
WHoTS strategic documents

WHoTS Reports

Operational groupings within Wales Heads of Trading Standards produce reports and other documents that highlight the work of the service in Wales and cover areas of particular interest to businesses and consumers.
WHoTS reports

WHoTS Handbook 


The WHoTS Handbook provides an understanding of the key role of local Trading Standards services. It focuses on what Trading Standards services are all about, and how they are effective across communities in Wales.

2012 WHoTS Handbook pdf

2012 WHoTS Handbook Cymraeg pdf