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Crimestoppers Illegal Tobacco

Reporting illegal tobacco to Crimestoppers

Trading Standards Wales (TSW) has joined up with a Crimestoppers Wales campaign enabling members of the public to anonymously report and provide valuable intelligence on matters that they think might be of concern, for example, issues relating to doorstep crime, the distribution or sale or illicit tobacco, sale of age restricted goods to young people, the manufacturing or sale of counterfeit goods or the suspected operation of loan sharks within a community.  Report any instances to the Crimestoppers hotline anonymously on 0800555111 or visit

Illegal tobacco is causing harm to our communities Wales.

Sale of it supports organised crime, encourages smokers to continue smoking, encourages children to try smoking and keeps money from vital services.

If you think someone is selling illegal tobacco, you can help stop the harm it’s causing by reporting it. Your information can help keep our communities safe and healthy.

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