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If in doubt campaign

Doorstep Crime - If In Doubt Keep Them Out

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Doorstep Crime can affect anyone, but often elderly and vulnerable people  are targeted by  Rogue Traders offering home improvement services, or by  Bogus Callers  who claim to be from the council, police, health carers, market researchers or utility and phone companies. Callers may offer services such as window/gutter cleaning, path and driveway repairs, roofing or building work, gardening and tree lopping or persuade residents that they must come inside their homes to 'check something'. They can be very persuasive and convincing in their approach and in what they say. It is easy to be taken in.

The number of recorded incidents in Wales has highlighted a need for a co-ordinated response to the problem by all the agencies and organisations who have contact with potential targets and the All Wales Doorstep Crime Partnership between Trading Standards and Police Services in Wales is coordinating the response and action across Wales to try and reduce the incidence of this type of crime.

It can be distressing and frightening for an elderly or vulnerable person who is unaware of how to protect themselves. In order to raise awareness and to offer help and advice the Partnership has produced an information booklet which is available from the Police and Trading Standards in every area of Wales. The advice and help it contains is useful for everyone in the community, but particularly to those who may be unable to leave their homes and who rely on friends and neighbours to help them to deal with callers at their door.

If you would like a copy of the booklet  or  to speak to an officer about any aspect of doorstep crime please contact your local trading standards department as listed in the Contact us information on this website. Alternatively you can talk to your local Crime Prevention Officer.

The booklet is also available to download from this website: If in Doubt Keep Them Out (PDF 2MB)

 Nominated Neighbour Poster (Downloadable):

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