Wales Heads of Trading Standards

Improving Trading Standards in Wales

Penaethiaid Safonau Masnach Cymru Yn Gwella Safonau Masnach Yng Nghymru

Fair trading

Trading Standards in Wales is committed to ensuring consumer and business protection. We deal with issues which affect everyone such as falsely described or counterfeit goods, under age sales, loan sharks, misleading prices and uninvited doorstep sellers.

We are committed to working with business to:

  • help you understand and comply with regulations, and reduce any unnecessary burden where possible
  • ensure that competition with other business is fair and equitable
  • promote consistency and innovation in the approach to enforcement.

Frequently asked questions

How long do I have to sell goods at a higher price before I can advertise them in a sale as reduced?

Any price comparison must be meaningful and it could be misleading to suggest to a customer that they are getting a bargain when goods haven't been sold at the higher price for a reasonable length of time. The Pricing Practices Guide issued by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills states that the higher price must have been charged for at least 28 days in the preceding 6 months. If the higher price has not applied for that long you must display prominent notices stating when the price was charged. If the price was only charged in a particular branch you must also give details of this.

I run a market stall and am often offered brand name goods to sell, how can I be sure they are genuine?

Buy your stock only from reputable wholesalers and ensure you have a receipt describing the goods. Do not buy goods from people who approach your stall, no matter how good a bargain it seems. Bear in mind that some brands are only ever sold in their own shops. Some other brands are very restrictive about who sells their brand and the goods are unlikely ever to be on sale in a general wholesalers or from the back of a van. 

I run a small CD and DVD shop, I lose business to market and boot sale traders selling counterfeits, what can I do?

The impact on local retailers is one of the reasons that trading standards takes counterfeiting so seriously. It is also something that the courts recognise when they are dealing with counterfeiters. If you have concerns about particular traders or particular markets or sales then please contact Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 040506. You can leave information anonymously.

I sell alcohol and cigarettes and rent out DVDs, I find it difficult to judge customers' ages, what should I do to check their age?

Always ask for photo ID. If you are in any doubt about a customer's age you should refuse the sale. Make sure you give your staff clear, written instructions about your policy and display signs telling them what ages apply to which products. You may also want to keep a refusals book noting each time a sale was declined. Further advice can be found on our Preventing Under Age Sales pages.


Further useful information and assistance can be obtained from the following organisations:

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Tel: 01494 449165 e-mail:

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For any queries about this subject contact your local authority Trading Standards Service