Wales Heads of Trading Standards

Improving Trading Standards in Wales

Penaethiaid Safonau Masnach Cymru Yn Gwella Safonau Masnach Yng Nghymru

Consumer advice

In the 21st Century, everyone needs to have the skills and knowledge they need to negotiate the confusing and sometimes unscrupulous world of sale and purchase of goods and services.
Consumers and Businesses alike are vulnerable if they are unaware of their rights and obligations with regard to the consumer protection legislation which governs they way the marketplace operates.

The Trading Standards Service in Wales has consumer advice services which offer consumer education to individuals, groups, organisations etc to bring attention to consumer rights and responsibilities in purchasing goods and services,

They will respond positively to requests for talks, presentations. They will stage special events to deal with specific areas of interest. For example, the recent rise in reported crime involving doorstep callers, and rogue traders, has generated more requests for information and advice on how to prevent consumers from becoming victims of this type of crime. Many authorities are now responding to requests and also targeting special services at vulnerable people.