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Consumer advice

Advice to Welsh consumers is provided by Citizens Advice Consumer Service.  This service can be contacted by calling 0808 223 1133 (English) or 0808 223 1144 (Cymraeg).  Online complaints and enquiries may also be submitted by clicking here.

There are many internet sites providing information and resources on consumer advice and some of the most useful can be accessed using the Useful links page.

Trading Standards in Wales provides advice and assistance to consumers on complex legal matters which could result in litigation or dispute resolution and Citizen's Advice will refer such enquiries to the appropriate local authority where necessary.

Accessible and expert advice for consumers is a government priority and the partnership between the Wales Heads of Trading Standards and Citizen's Advice works to provide this service.

As a part of the Trading Standards Wales consumer advice provision this site contains a range of leafets on the most common problems faced by consumers, please click on the links for further information:

Categorised consumer advice in English | in Welsh

On line advice can also be found at the Adviceguide site.

Adviceguide English

Adviceguide Welsh