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Improving Trading Standards in Wales

Penaethiaid Safonau Masnach Cymru Yn Gwella Safonau Masnach Yng Nghymru

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About WHoTS

The Wales Heads of Trading Standards (WHoTS) represents the 22 Trading Standards Services in Wales. The aim of WHoTS is to work in partnership to provide a coordinated, consistent and improved service to Welsh Businesses and Welsh Consumers.

WHoTS was formed in response to the demand for continuous service improvement in Wales. The organisation acts under the auspices of the Directors of Public Protection Wales and provides a strategic leadership role for the Welsh Service. Its membership comprises each senior Service Manager of the 22 Trading Standards Authorities.

WHoTS produces a business plan which aims to meet the needs of local authorities, consumers and businesses, as well as Welsh Government and UK Government.

Strategic direction is given by quarterly meetings where emerging issues are discussed as well as progress towards its planned activities. Operationally, work is co-ordinated via key delivery groups comprised of Trading Standards staff in Wales.

Please read our 'Trading Standards At Your Council - a Member's Handbook' for further information about Trading Standards Services in Wales.

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